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   Our dog breeder is located on the suburbs of Nowy Sącz on Gajowa street.


We live n a big detached house with a huge garden. The full-grown dogs live


in modern and spacious pens. Each pen is equipped with a kennel with


double porch, double floor and insulation against cold. The young dogs and


puppies live in a brick-built building with its own dog run.









    We have two fully equipped labour wards at our disposal. Both of them


are monitored thus the mother and puppies can be constantly attended.


Besides, we provide our dogs with a constant veterinary care. We are


supported by an animal veterinary clinic. As the clinic is equipped with


portable ultrasound scanner our dogs do not need to be exposed to any


stressful visits in the clinic itself.






Our puppies frequently cross the ocean to meet their new owners.


This means that they are accustomed to being transported and to kennel


cages from birth and they do not become stressed out while long-lasting









Mrs Kinga – indispensible for assisting dogs and puppies.





  Our dogs are walked twice a day and, additionally, once a day they are


taken for a training. We are also intending to purchase a new running track.


Our dogs are fed on Husse feed. Together with the puppy a new owner gets


a certificate that enables him to get pedigree papers, a health certificate


confirming deworming and obligatory vaccinations, as well as layette set.





Anyone interested in our dogs is welcome to visit our dog breeder. Since the


establishment of our dog breeder we have collected a great collection of


trophies from various dog shows. We hope it will extend as it is a pleasure to


admire it and remember our mutual dog-human achievements.





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