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Enjoy your visit and meet the finest dogs that are raised here !

   The dog breeder Twierdza Samuraja was established in 1999. The first


two Tosa dogs that came to live with us were SARA and SZOGUN


Przystań Abelarda. Since then, we have been breeding Tosa with love and


passion. The Tosa dogs still absorb our attention and fill our free time.

   We put emphasis on the appropriate breeding pairs’ selection. Our choices


depend on both the exterior and psychophysical traits. As a result, the


puppies from our kennel are born with predispositions to various kinds


of trainings like PT or IPO, as well as to professional sports like dog


trekking, weight pulling or long-distance endurance tests. Thus, not only


have our dogs climbed the podium in numerous dog shows, but also they


have contributed to the establishments of different breeding kennels.


Hence, our Tosa can be found in Poland and abroad: in the Czech Republic,


Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France,


Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, the USA and in Canada.


The two-time world champion NINJA Twierdza Samuraja, champions


and interchampions were born in the breeding kennel Twierdza Samuraja.


Our sires successfully cover bitches in Poland and abroad which gives us


satisfaction and motivates to working on the development of tosa inu


beyond their native country that is Japan.





















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