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The Tosa Inu is a massive, regal dog, standing well over 30 inches at the


shoulders and weighing up to 150 pounds; the much larger Tosa Inus,


weighing 200 pounds and more, are now extinct. Females are somewhat


smaller than males. They are never used in fighting.


The Tosa Inu has a very distinctive, large, wrinkled head, with drooping


ears and a medium length, jowled muzzle with a scissor-bite. The eyes are


small, with a calm, intelligent expression. The body is large-boned, with a


broad chest and well-muscled legs. The thick coat comes in varied colors,


but red is  considered the ideal and usually one solid color is preferred;


markings are allowed on the chest, but never on the head and muzzle.


The normal life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

The Tosa Inu is subject to the ailments common to large breeds, like joint


inflammation, hip dysplasia and intestinal bloat. Careful breeding can, of


course, mitigate some of these problems.


There are on average six to twelve puppies per litter.

Owning a Tosa Inu

Despite their notoriety as fighting animals, the Tosa Inus make incredibly


affectionate and loving companions. They are devoted to their families and


are very patient and tolerant with the children. Extremely intelligent, with


excellent guarding instincts, they are dogs one can depend on. Apart from


guarding, they have been successfully used as Search and Rescue Dogs and


in Therapy Training.

That being said, the Tosa Inu is however not a pet one should acquire


without due consideration. First of all, it is a rather expensive animal to


acquire, the prices with the best breeders ranging from $1000 and up,


and its regular upkeep also is quite considerable. In addition, being such a


giant of a dog, it requires a lot of space. It's not going to settle happily in a


small apartment, or, rather, the apartment is not likely to happily settle with


this boisterous creature young Tosa Inu's are extremely boisterous and they


take a long time growing up. Also the undoubted intelligence of the breed


means that this is a dog with a mind of its own and one that it'll prefer to


make up on its own too if the Master doesn't learn to be masterly enough


while it is still possible.


For this reason it is imperative that the Tosa Inu be well-trained


and well-socialized from a very young age, and taught to curb its natural


aggressive tendencies towards other animals and strangers. With a large dog


as this, tragedy can result otherwise.

For a owner however who is mentally, physically, and financially willing to


cope, this is one grand dog to have around the place.





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